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Nano Bubble Magnetic Ballast Clarifier (NBMBC) 











Treated slick water with the goal of removing suspended solids and selective dissolved metals.  Successfully removed both the solids and metals such that the water can be recused.

How the Process Works

  • Wastewater (influent) is treated with polymer to create a flock representing combination of influent contaminants and polymer.


  • Magnetite is added to combine with the flocked contaminants and polymers.

  • The resulting flock with magnetic properties is then separated from wastewater by magnetized discs.


  • Collected waste combined with Magnetite is then sheared from the magnetic discs and discharged to the dewatering system.

  • Magnetite is recovered with a magnetized, rotating drum and scrapped off for return to the influent tank.


Magnetic Disks

Waste Water

Clean Water

Before & After

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